Ahhh!! This is the first time I’m writing as Madison Metcalf… and boy, that is just wild to think. It’s crazy to believe that our big day is here and gone, but Tyler and I so loved and have soaked up every minute of last Saturday and every moment after. It is truly an amazing thing to be husband and wife - a beautiful gift from God.

Tyler and I are so thankful for all who have prayed for us, supported us, cheered us on, and for those that spent the night tearing up the dance floor with us. We love and appreciate you so much.

I thought it would be kind of fun to walk you through our special day - it’s not often you get the behind-the-scenes of it. So here’s our big day from start to finish - Tyler and I hope that all of you who were a part of it loved it as much as we did. 

On Saturday morning I woke up and had an overwhelming sense of peace. The days leading up to the big day had been sort of stressful, but waking up to that calmness was so refreshing and peaceful. A couple of my bridesmaids had stayed the night, so I went out and talked to them. I went back in my room, and my maid of honor knocked on the door. She handed me a box full of different sized papers and envelopes.

“I have some letters for you from a lot of different people,” she said. 

She walked out, and I sat on the foot of my bed, trying to keep the tears in as I read letters from the bridal party, my mom, Tyler’s mom, my sisters, and Tyler’s sisters. It was such a special moment for me.

I washed my face and packed my bags. I had a good ole’ bowl of Cocoa Pebbles to get me going on the big day :D I made my way to The Wash House, the salon we were going to get ready at. I was talking to God on the way there, asking Him to bless the day and make it a reflection of Him and His love.

My little sisters were already getting their hair done when I walked into the salon. I sat up in the chair, and my stylist starting working her magic on my hair. I was super nervous to get my hair done, as I have naturally really wavy and curly hair. I wanted to make sure they got all the little kinks and wild hairs taken care of, and boy, she sure did do a good job. My hair really was everything I had imagined.

My bridal party had gotten mimosas for us in the morning, and when they went to go pop the champagne in the salon, it exploded and kind of went all over :D The mimosas did taste good though!

The photographers arrived at The Wash House and got a few pictures before heading back over to our venues to get other detailed shots, like my dress, shoes, etc. I wore a silky white robe, and my bridesmaids wore maroon floral robes I got them as gifts.

I got my makeup done after my hair was finished - Amira Kantarevic did an AMAZING JOB! It looked so natural, yet so polished. Highly recommend her ;) My maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids then left the salon and went ahead of me and another bridesmaid to make sure the coast was clear in the chapel where Tyler and I were going to get married. Tyler was tucked away downstairs, and I needed to go through the downstairs to get to my bridal room where I was going to get ready.

They stuck Tyler in the bathroom (hahaha) while I came down with all my things. The chapel was on Wartburg College’s campus, where Tyler and I met. I got all my stuff in the room while Tyler hid in the bathroom until it was all good.

The bridal party ordered Jimmy John’s, and I was about to put on my dress when I realized that my veil was on backwards. The salon had put it on upside down. Getting that veil in was not an easy thing, so we called The Wash House to see if they could get me back in really quick to fix it. We couldn’t get it out ourselves :D 

They tucked Tyler in the bathroom again (we joke how half of his day was spent in that bathroom), and Mom quickly drove me over to the salon. They sat me right down when I walked in and got that veil flipped around.

Tyler and I wanted to do something special for our parents, so we decided to write letters to them and give them to them on the day of. Tyler went outside with his parents to deliver his letter while my Mom got her dress on and she helped me get mine on. 

Wow - what a cool moment it was to step in front of the mirror with my wedding dress. I put my earrings in, slipped my shoes on, and turned around to face my bridal party, my mom, and Tyler’s mom. It was a cool moment, and I really did feel like a princess.

Mom went out and grabbed Dad and they stood outside, waiting for me to come out to them. I tapped Dad on the shoulder and hugged him tight when he turned around and saw me. I gave them the letter I had written them, and we all hugged and cried some more.

I then hid behind a pillar while the photographers brought out Tyler. With a pillar between us and our backs facing each other, Tyler and I read the letters we had also written for each other. As soon as my name came out of Tyler’s mouth, he started crying. His letter was beautiful, and I loved it so much. I then read mine as our parents watched from afar. It was so, so beautiful.

Tyler and I grabbed hands before both turning around to face each other. Tyler looked like he was about to fall over when he saw me - it was an amazing moment.

Our photographers (Jamie + Mark - we loved them!!) took some pictures of Tyler and I before bringing out the whole bridal party and our families. Our ring bearer and flower girl did not really want to take pictures, but it was so funny to see them run around and just be wild and crazy :)

We went back inside the chapel and hung out downstairs until it was time. Our pastor came down and prayed with us, and then it wasn’t long before we were headed up!

When we were all lined up outside of the chapel, there was a moment where my dad looked over at me from the other side of the room. He smiled at me with tears in his eyes, and I smiled right back with tears in mine. It felt like a movie.

The ring bearer and flower girl did not want to walk down the aisle hahaha. The flower girl was sitting on her butt right before she was walking down, and her dad had to stand her up. They both had to have a little help coming down the aisle, but they ended up making it :)

The pastor asked everyone to rise, and my dad and I made our way down the aisle. I looked up at him and smiled, and he told me I was walking too fast haha. I looked up at Tyler and saw him smiling at me. Tyler shook my dad’s hand and gave him a hug, and I squeezed my dad before he sat down next to Mom.

For the ceremony, Tyler and I decided that we wanted to have a time of worship, so we had friends of ours from church (who are amazing, amazing musicians), sing a mashup of Our God, How Great is Our God, and How Great Thou Art. With closed eyes and open hands, we worshipped moments before reading our vows that we had written for each other. 

After the ceremony, our guests blew bubbles as Tyler and I walked down the sidewalk. Jamie, our photographer, and my aunt, busseled my dress for me, and then Tyler’s best man picked us up and took us to The Pour House, a small, local bar. We took some pictures there before heading to our reception. Everyone got announced in, and then when it came time for Tyler and I to come in, he went in first, hyped up the crowd, and then dipped and kissed me after I came in behind him.

We walked up to the head table, did our cake cutting (I sure got him good), and then Pastor led us all in prayer before dinner. Jamie and Mark stole us away for some sunset pictures during dinner - we went in this field, and Tyler spent like 5 minutes getting all the crickets and grasshoppers out of my dress hahahah :D

We went back inside, and my dad started off the speeches. He said, “This isn’t the end - this is just the beginning.” My two sisters, the maid of honor, and the best man then gave their speeches, and then Tyler and I shared our first dance. We chose the song “Prayed For You,” and then after that song was over, we danced to “The Git Up” hahaha. My guarder actually slid off during that dance, so I was trying to keep my dress over top of it, so it didn’t go flying across the dance floor :D I then danced with my dad to “I Loved Her First,” and Tyler danced with his mom to “My Wish.” 

We then danced the night away!! My sister drove us to the hotel after the night was done, and we got some McDonald’s hahaha.

On Sunday, we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, and made our way to church. It was pretty cool walking in as a married couple for the first time.

All in all, the day was perfect. Truly the best day of our lives. Because in the end, it’s not about whether your veil was on the right way or if you forgot to light a few candles or you forgot the corsages for family photos… it’s about you and your partner. Your best friend. It’s about two becoming one. It’s about love. 

Tyler and I are so thankful for all those who have shown us what love looks like. We hope and pray that we can be that reflection of love for others as well.

Thank you again to all those who made our day so amazingly special. Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf are sure a lucky husband and wife.