What Comes With a Wedding

No one tells you about the doubt & fear that comes with getting married. People ask about the wedding day - the decorations, the dress, the photographer, the food. But no one talks about the questions that surface as all the preparations are being made.

Will I be a good wife? Will he be a good husband? Will we fight a lot? Will our house be clean? Is this where we’re supposed to be? Is this how it’s supposed to go?

No one talks about these things because they’re not pretty. They can’t be set out on a nice table for people to stare at. They can’t be tied in a neat bow & wrapped in nice paper. They’re scary things that kind of get swept under the rug... but they’re real & find their way to my head at times.

And I want to tell you about it - because doubt & fear will try to find a way to your mind too... Don’t feel bad when that happens. Don’t fall into that guilt. But DO know that YOU have the power to fall into the trap of believing those lies. To give into that fear. Or you can choose to squash it. To call out the lies the enemy tries to put in your head for what they are.

Give up the guilt. Call out the lies. Doubts & fears may come, but you have the power to choose freedom even in the midst of the unknown. Having doubts & fears doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Or that you’re in the wrong place. It means your human.

So have faith, my friend. Turn to Him. He will turn fear into joy & doubt into goodness. He will take the lies the enemy wants to use to steal you of joy & sprinkle you with truth. Lean into that, & know that you are in good hands.

Madison Bloker