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Our Proposal Story + 5 Things I Learned From It

Our Proposal Story + 5 Things I Learned From It

This past Sunday was a pretty special day. My best friend got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was totally surprised… which is pretty amazing considering how bad Tyler is at keeping secrets.

A lot of people have asked about how it happened, so here is our little story along with some pieces of advice :)

Tyler and I got up and got ready for church on Sunday, October 28. I was over at his house, and his dad made us breakfast. I thought it was weird that Tyler got up so early, but I just assumed he was showering and getting ready.

We both got ready, and I went to hug him before we left. He made the embrace a quick one, and we headed out the door. I didn’t think anything of the rushed hug, but later I learned that I almost touched the ring in his vest (hehe whoops).

On our way to church, Ty was pretty quiet. It didn’t really seem like he was interested in the conversation, but I just assumed it was because he was tired (nope, just nervous).

We got to church and headed inside. The service was good, and then when we went to leave, I waved at a woman who is a photographer and runs our Bible study. Usually she stops and talks, but she looked like she was on a mission… I just assumed she had to go pick up the kids. (Little did I know Tyler asked her to capture the moment for us).

We were about to head downstairs to leave the building when Ty said, “Just a sec, I need to fill up my water bottle.” He went to go do so, but fumbled with his cap and dropped it. (I later learned it was from being so shaky and nervous… and to stall for more time).

We went down the stairs and were laughing and talking like normal. I opened the door to head outside and was so taken aback when I saw all of my family and Tyler’s family standing on the front step in front of the church. They all stood there with smiles on their faces.

I turned around to see Tyler walking towards me.. He walked towards me, grabbed my hands, and with tears in his eyes said, “Madison Virginia, I love you so much… And I want to be with you through all the good things in life and all the hard things. I want to face everything together with you by my side. I have loved every second of being your boyfriend, but I am so ready to make a lifetime of memories as your husband.” I just remember looking into his eyes and really seeing and feeling his love.

He then got down on his knee and with tears in his eyes, said, “Madison Virginia, will you marry me?”

I was so excited that I immediately reached for him, kissed him, and hugged him… without putting the ring on at all (hahaha). He put the ring on my finger and we hugged some more. Our family cheered, and I just stood in disbelief that it had just happened. Tyler’s little nephew then ran out to give us a big hug. It was the cutest thing.

The photographer Tyler had set up took a few more photos, and then Tyler announced that we were all going to East Bremer Diner where he had made reservations, the same spot Tyler had asked me to be his girlfriend almost three years ago.

He included our favorite things: faith and family… (and food of course).

It was simple, and it was beautiful.

… but here’s some truth. I’ve got some advice to give and confessions to admit about this whole engagement thing.

1. First off, don’t put so much darn pressure on yourself and your partner to make it extraordinary and perfect.

You’re not getting engaged to put on a show or production for people. You’re getting engaged because you love each other. Having each other is what makes it perfect. Not a perfect outfit, not a perfect setting, not a perfect video. Having each other… that’s what matters.

2. Embrace the moment because you only get it once.

Focus on each other, not your surroundings. Look into each other’s eyes, hold each other’s hands, be in the moment. Be all in. Let it just be you two together in that moment.

3. Tell your family before Facebook.

Don’t go posting before your grandma finds out (luckily both of my grandmas were there to see it). But seriously, call the people that deserve to know before the announcement is made.

4. Don’t stress about the wedding planning right away.

Haha I totally am guilty of this. I’ve cried a couple of times from the stress of trying to get things done already, so I’m telling you now: DON’T DO IT. Enjoy this time, and take a week to just savor the engagement… even if your family is hounding you about getting things planned, relax. Breathe. Agree with your partner to only talk about wedding things at certain times. You have to take time to nurture the relationship still, not just plan a wedding. Enjoy the moment.

5. Keep your faith first.

I feel like I’ve been in a slump lately (we all get into those sometimes), but here is truth I want to speak into your soul right now: when you are rooted in Christ and in alignment with him, your foundation is firm and you will be in alignment with both you and your partner. So please, please, please make time for Him. Seek out wisdom from faithful people. Keep your faith as your foundation. With Him, it is always strong.

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