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10 Lies You Believe in College

10 Lies You Believe in College

So three years ago I walked in as a freshman in college, having absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do.

Talk about confused & frustrated.

I thought I had to have so many things figured out, and the weight of the pressure seemed crushing. After going through college these last couple years, I’ve realized the lies I hear and tell myself almost every day.


I want to share these lies with you in hopes you’ll be able to call them out and speak truth instead. I want to help you see past the expectations and pressure and really start living so that the calling & purpose God has placed in your heart will be revealed. I want you to successfully seize your destiny.

So here it goes:

Lie #1: Everyone else has it all figured out & put together.

HA! Yeah. They don’t. They still deal with stress and worry and fear of failure just like you. So quit thinking that everyone else has all their ducks in a row. Trust me, those ducks are quacking loud and can barely get off the ground sometimes.

Lie #2: You have to find “the one” or you’ll be alone forever.

Ha. I CANNOT tell you the number of times I have heard this from people. College is a great time to meet new people, but you DO NOT need to put the pressure on yourself to find your soulmate. All you have to do is be yourself, grow, and let God place the right people in your life AT THE RIGHT TIME. All the answers will come when God says so.

And listen to this: you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else.

Lie #3: You need to have a plan for the next four years mapped out in order to be successful.

Oh golly gee. I’ve had countless maps drawn up of what I believed was “my plan.” And LET ME TELL YOU a lot of them were a waste of my time. Take a deep breath and just explore and grow. You don’t have to have it all laid out & planned… trust me when I say that those plans will probably change.

Lie #4: Your worth comes from what you do.

This one is hard for me to rebuke. But remember this: your worth is not rooted in your performance on the court or in the classroom. Your worth is rooted in not what you do, but in who you are. Work on that.

Lie #5: You should be happy 24/7.

It’s okay to be sad sometimes & question things. Everyone does it, whether you believe it or not. Breathe in, & breathe out. You don’t need to live in sunshine all of the time. Cry when you need to cry. Step away when you need to step away. Remember that without a little rain, it’d be really hard to grow.

Lie #6: You have to belong to something or someone in order to be accepted.

Is it great to get involved and meet new people? Absolutely. But you must remember that your worth and identity should not be rooted in what others say you are. You are accepted for being you. You are accepted just as you are.

Lie #7: If you don’t follow the crowd and party or drink, you’ll never fit in or be noticed.

News flash: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. Walk the path God is laying for YOU. Stay in YOUR lane. Know YOUR worth. Don’t settle. Understand that you’re worth way more than somebody’s Saturday night. Understand that you don’t have to be drunk to be a good time.

Lie #8: Failing one test means you are a failure.

I quit a few things during college, and I stressed about it a lot. I hated quitting things I felt like I was failing at. It made me question my successes. But guess what? Quitting or failing something does not mean you’re a failure. Learn from it, & move forward. Don’t dwell on what doesn’t go as planned.

Lie #9: All-nighters need to happen in order to get good grades.

Your body needs sleep. And I need to remind myself of this too (cuz I’m a night owl hehe). But pulling all-nighters is not good for your body. It affects your mood, it affects your energy, and it affects your performance. Take care of yourself, and GET SOME SLEEP.

Lie #10: There’s no time for God.

Maybe people don’t tell you this one, but this is something you might find yourself thinking. With all the late nights and all the early mornings, it’s easy to put off time spent with God. And to be honest I didn’t grow a ton in faith my first couple years of college, because I didn’t make enough time for God. However, once I began to make time, I felt renewed. I walked with purpose. I found a church. I found a Bible study. I launched my book. I started my blog. Things fell into place.

So make time for the Big Man. Set aside time to walk with Him. He’ll walk you right to your destiny.

I pray that college is a time of renewal and refinement for you. I pray that God stirs things in your heart and speaks truth into these lies. I pray that you choose Him and run to Him and cling to Him with all your might, with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your strength.

Rebuke the lies, my friend. Choose His truth instead.

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