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4 Tips on Living the Life You've Been Waiting For

4 Tips on Living the Life You've Been Waiting For

I remember waiting as a little girl… just waiting for my body to finally grow into what it was supposed to look like. Waiting for the day it was okay for me to wear makeup. Waiting for the day I’d meet my prince charming. Waiting for the day I’d finally figure my hair out and have straight teeth.

I remember waiting as a high school student… just waiting for college and all the adventures. Waiting for high school to be over so I could go out and explore. Waiting for the next best thing. Waiting for all that was to come in the next four years.

I remember waiting as a freshman in college… waiting for the man of my dreams. Waiting for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Waiting for all the accomplishments and achievements to come. Waiting for the right people to come into my life.

Now here I am… a few months away from graduating college. I’ve done about everything I’ve waited for. I’m engaged to the man of my dreams, I’ve accomplished many things, I’ve sort of figured my hair out… yet I still find myself waiting. Waiting for the wedding. Waiting for my own house. Waiting for more achievements. Waiting for the next best thing.

Lately I’ve realized that I could continue to live in this season of waiting for forever... but God has been speaking something into my soul lately, and it is this:

Stop waiting. Start being.

So I want to encourage you with these words in hopes that you can start living the life you want to live today… so you can start seizing each moment for what it is and loving it.

1. Be where your feet are.

Start embracing each day and living it to the fullest. Start being happy with where you’re at. Stop looking towards all you need to do or all you have yet to accomplish. Stop looking back at all the things you didn’t do or things you wish you would’ve accomplished.

Start living in this moment now.

Start being content with today.

Be all in with where your feet are in this moment.

2. Start thinking outwardly.

Our lives become worse when we are only focused on ourselves. When we don’t look to those around us and instead only focus on us, we become so fixated on our own life, on our own mistakes made yesterday, on all we have yet to do tomorrow, and we forget to live in the moment with others. We forget to stand beside them and just be.

I promise that if you would just start thinking more about what you can do for the people around you today, it’ll become a lot easier to embrace the moment for what it is… to fully live in the love you’re giving.

3. Have faith.

I know what it’s like to have doubt. I know what it’s like to question and wonder… to be stuck in a season where you begin to ask whether or not God is even there… but here’s something else I know: faith won’t fail you.

Even in the midst of uncertainty, even in the midst of this doubt, this faith is what can keep you grounded. This faith is what you can build your life upon. This faith is what allows you to feel the greatest sense of love and fulfillment there is.

Trust it. Dive in. Ask God to work within you.

4. Have fun.

I was super stressed out about school and all my involvements the other day. I was stressing about my business and all the things that I needed to do. I was complaining to my mom one day when she said this, “Stop viewing these things as tasks you have to do. Start having fun.” I’ve been telling myself this over and over this past week, and maybe you need to do the same. Life is as fun as we make it.

So enjoy the process. Work to get better. Don’t view failure as a roadblock keeping you from fulfilling your destiny. View it as a stepping stone that’s getting you there.

I’m not telling you to not be excited about things, but I am telling you this: be where your feet are. You are on the path to live an abundant, lovely life. Enjoy where your feet are on the path, and start living the life you’ve been waiting for today.

Because, my friend, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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