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What the World Wants

What the World Wants

The world wants you to be skinny… but not too skinny. It’ll tell you to have a gap between your thighs, but turn around and tell you that you need to eat a cheeseburger and some fries.

The world wants you to be sexy… but not too sexy. It’ll tell you to be attractive and have a nice butt, but then turn around and call you a slut.

The world wants you to care… but not to care too much. It’ll tell you to care for people’s lives and take part, but call you emotional when you pour out your heart.

The world wants you to be smart… but not too smart. It’ll tell you to be intelligent, but call you a nerd and tell you that you’re irrelevant.

The world wants you to be confident… but not too confident. It’ll tell you to be self-assured and needed, but turn around and tell you you’re haughty and conceited.

The world wants you to be committed… but not too committed. It’ll tell you to be devoted, but then tell you that you’re too tied down, that there are other lovers to be noticed.

The world wants you to be submissive… but not too submissive. It’ll tell you to be meek, but then turn around and tell you that you are too weak.

The world wants you to be different… but not too different. It’ll tell you to stand out, but point you out as a freak and make you question and doubt.

The world wants you to be successful… but not too successful. It’ll tell you to achieve and prevail, but will do everything it can to see that you fail.

The world wants you to be loved… but not too loved. It’ll tell you to people-please, but call you self-centered and point out your enemies.

The world wants you to be perfect… but not too perfect. It’ll tell you to be spotless and fake, but point out every flaw and every last mistake.

There is a Father that wants these things to go away. A Father who loves us dearly, who is always there if we’d just pray. This Father wants things for us too. But those desires from Him… they’re always good and true. So put away those wants that only come from the world thereof. And run for dear life to the Father so He can show you His love.

Aren’t you exhausted by what the world says? Aren’t you tired of worrying whether or not you are enough? Aren’t you sick of pursuing worldly desires that only leave you empty in the end?

I know I am.

I’m tired of letting the world tell me who I am. I’m tired of letting the world have a say in what I should do and who I should be. I’m tired of seeking acceptance and worth in the world. I’m tired of trying to control every part of my life.

I’m ready.

I’m ready to let go of that control. I’m ready to pursue God and let Him take me where I’m supposed to be, let Him show me who I’m supposed to be. I’m ready to live for a relationship with Christ. I’m ready to be free of labels and expectations. I’m ready to seek out whatever it is God wants for my life, not what I or others do. I’m ready to say the heck with what the world wants. I’m ready to pursue what God wants for me.

Are you?


Radiating Light

Radiating Light