hi there!

my name is Madison, and I'm a 21 year old girl from Iowa with a love for Jesus, people, and writing (and of course ice cream). this site was made to inspire, uplift, & enlighten you as you read about other people's faith & life stories as well as my own. my goal is to simply highlight the beauty & grace of God. scroll down to read more!!


"I can do all this through Him that gives me strength"

Ever since I was 13, I have kept a journal that I’ve written in every day (talk about a lot of embarrassing stories). My love for writing has pushed me to write a book and create this website! I simply share other people’s faith & life stories as well as some of my own. Like I mentioned above, this is simply to highlight the beauty & grace of God and inspire, uplift, & enlighten you!!

Check out my weekly blogs under the blogs tab, and if you like them, take a gander at my devotional under the book tab. I've included some samples from my book under my blogs tab for you to read as well! Each week will bring with it a new blog, and about every month I will feature someone's faith story and testimony! Reach out to me with any requests for blogs, speaking engagements, or suggestions for people to feature through my Contact Me page. I would love to speak at colleges, businesses, and gatherings about some of my own discoveries and blessings as well! Blessings are bound in my writings as blessings are bound to happen to you as you read. Thanks for checking things out!